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ramiraerrz ramiraerrz is offline
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Cool IC app

Screen name: <Do[P]> ramiraerrz

Time played: 18.5hrs


Why you joined:
Just wanting to get invovled in gaming

Would you like aid learning any aspect of the game from our more advanced members?
Yes, i would like to know how to play the scout roll-outs on all maps if necessary (for pugs/scrims)

Bio: i love playing scout !

Steam account: www.steamcommunity.com/id/ramiraerz
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Virus. Virus. is offline
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Since no one is commenting you are accepted. I'll invite you to the group.
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Thorndyke Thorndyke is offline
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Man, that emoticon with sunglasses. To cool for school my friend. I like it.
Cannot c++
Cannot java script
Can love you long time

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