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Defending champs off to a dismal start

It is no doubt that defending tournament champions seem to be surrounded in drama.
The original formation led to the demise of 3 other clans, resulting in bad blood between the "deserters" and the members that had been left behind.
This lead to a hellacious time, with the less than politically correct team swept the streets and enslaved the poor.
When that team dissipated, a new team formed from the ashes, this time in a more lucrative business of whale farming. Once again, this group made its mark, drawing in former slavers back into the fold and forming the once proud team under a different banner.
It was this team that claimed the trophy of The League.
The team disappeared as quickly as it was formed and wasn't heard from for 12 months.

Until the announcement of The League 2.

A familiar line up had entered the tournament, yet the banner, once again, had changed.
While the team formation was just as swift as its previous iteration, it was without controversy which seemed very uncharacteristic of the team.
This quickly changed when the match ups were announced.

In the true spirit of "CCN Inc.", tempers flared, once again, before the tournament had even started, this time in the form of match agreements.
The outraged sparked from a seemingly "early" request for the match to start.

8.30pm NZST

Now, this reporter fails to see why the away team were unwilling to oblige.
kp eloquently said that the rules stated acceptable start times were between the times of 7.30pm - 10.30pm NZST
I find it even harder to understand why #fever decided to get all up in arms about it.
Surely the talk of grandmothers did not need to happen?

This did not phase the defending champions, however, who seemed to continue to enjoy their life of coke and hookers.

This was very evident in the match that eventually happened.
The once strong "CCN Inc." seemed to lack any reason in their movements.
30 minutes later, the score reflected the match up against the seed 1 and seed 3 teams.

There were moments of brilliants that shone through the clusterfuck of a mess that was c&h's set plays, however, they seemed to be able to maintain the pressure.
That being said, #fever seemed to struggle against a team whom had not played together for 12 months.

Said one member at the end of the match: "Is this what we are to expect from the tournament? #fever are supposed to be a strong clan who play together frequently, and they struggled to cap out against us.".
He seemed unphased from the loss.

Perhaps c&h are playing a sick strategy in this tournament?
Perhaps "CCN Inc." are about ready to hang up the equipment?
Perhaps their grandmothers are just too important?

We will never know.
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You guys were certainly doing better by the end of the match which was to be expected given the amount of time your players spend away (3gb updates I hear rofl)

Was a good match to watch though and I can't wait to see future match ups between c&h and fever as I believe that wasn't their core anyway - also watching combust and Blank without Gunboats was especially entertaining for me : )
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zeets is a sassy-man

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no gunboats?

Originally Posted by Taffy View Post
one of the nicest guys you'll meet.. after combigbust ofc
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lol KP, if you spent half the time learning to dodge when you have uber as it took you to write that, would have been a different result

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it was only fever.. no one cares about those guys anyway
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