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TF2 Film Making - #3: Cinematography: Smoothing, Thirdpersons, STVs

I really should keep these pumping out, otherwise i'll get lazy in making them. So, before I jump into Sony Vegas I thought I'd go through some tips and tricks in TF2 to get some extra camera footage for you guys to use while editing. This includes:
  1. Using POV demos to smooth
  2. Using POV demos for thirdperson view
  3. Using STV


This is the main tool you will use to create freecam views of rollouts, middies, explosions etc. This involves the demo smoother and only works for POV demos. Smoothing is using your POV to create multiple camera points to which it can create a new camera path in a new demo. Essentially, you need to line up your demo tick to the smoother tick and 'drive' your POV to your desired position by holding down 'make key.' The advantage of this method is create a very smooth camera path in time with a particular event.

When processing your smooth with 'Spline Angles' and 'Spline Origin' make sure you save your smooth at the end before you close your smoother. You can click on OK to automatically save and close the demo smoother, but i like the assurance of seeing it be saved. I'm not entirely sure why, but sometimes when I don't get out of 'drive' mode and load my smoothed demo it loses all tracking data, which pisses me off. And if you see the numbered ticks in your demo, just reload the demo and it should be gone.


In your POV, you can get into 'thirdperson' after typing in sv_cheats 1 first. Once in thirdperson there are a few commands you can use to manipulate the thirdperson camera.

cam_idealdist #: Distance from the player model
cam_idealdistup #: Change vertical distance
cam_idealdistright #: Change horizontal distance
cam_idealyaw #: Change horizontal angle
cam_idealpitch #: Change vertical angle


Its a pain in the ass to use STV as a camera resource. The main reason being the you can't smooth any footage and so the only way you can get camera angles is to startmovie and move around manually, resulting in choppy footage.

There's a nifty way to get some decent footage from STV and its what some CSS movie makers do and what i learnt from Seeker's interview with ozfortress. If you bind "+left" to "leftarrow" and "+right" to "rightarrow", you can smoothly look around left and right, emulating moving your mouse left and right. So with this, when you go into STV thirdperson view, you can hold left or right to get a 360 spin going. Another cool camera trick is the 360 spin of the environment, ala Spadebox movie intro, and that's achieved by holding left and right movie ("d" in most cases)

Low FOV:

Decap kindly reminded me to include some information on the possible camera angles and smooths you could possibly achieve with a low FOV. Three different ways: Sniper POV, Sniper STV and TF2 Replay.

Decap's no dot hud thing: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q21WT0WK

I hope this helps add a bit of variety to your movie materials.
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Can someone remove the above post, the post and user are clearly both only made for advertising.

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Please don't necro the thread, Striggly.
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Have either of you heard of the report feature?

Report these posts and we will see them
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