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A6: Wrap up and Photos

What is up people I just got home and I am so fucked - an epic weekend was had by all who attended and I am sure most of you are keen to do it again!

Shoutout to all of you brave souls who roughed it on the floor, 2 nights of that shit would have Bear Grylls crying out for a warm bed and Derry is a true champion having braved the floor with just a mink blanket.

Strobe is a fucking champion for jumping the tasman to join us for this event and he repped IPT hard by getting drunk at an astonishing pace and managing to maintain it longer than most geeks stayed awake after 10 red bulls so shoutout to you dude with your authentic Kamehaha that took as long to execute as the real thing.

GuessX comes in at a close second for drunkeness - managing to keep hitting bS! and KB members with his RL long after he started making beep noises into his microphone.

Luse fucked off to some wine and food festival and turned up half cut informing us of all the meat he ate during the day and still managed to clock up some odd $200 in bar tabs so gg bro.

YSW raped face as expected but the true heart warming story of the lan was KB who smashed their way through the competition defeating all the nzf teams and taking it to YSW at 2:30am to secure second place at lan. gg guys - shoutout to harr_harr who faced adversity in the form of 3 sD! players peer pressuring him in the car park for half an hour and he still turned down the cones and maintained his composure to help KB beat the rest of us before getting shit-faced like the rest of us.

And finally shoutout to cmh for being GCs throughout it was great to meet you guys - det and nick for allowing TF2 to make a splash at A6 - bS! for being formidable opponents (getting export and bonez drunk early is a top priority next lan) and of course to sD! - I don't think one of us was sober in any way shape or form and we still held up so gg epic fun was had boys.

I'll be casting all the good matches as soon as I can so keep an eye on GreaverTV in the coming days - and yes bS! vs sD! and bS! vs KB are definites.

Det and Nick have informed me they think the TF2 comp was a massive success so as soon as I know what's happening with the next one I'll let everyone know - we had 6 nzf teams at this LAN lets do more next time!

You can check out photos of NZF members at the event on our google+ through the link below - remember to add us to your circles or whatever it is you do

Oh yeah - 'The Human Centipede'


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