OWL10 NZF team awards
TF2 Update Posted by cybuckets, 16th December 2013

Division 3:
  • Best Scout: GBH | Rangi
  • Best Roaming Soldier: GBH | CYB
  • Best Medic: GBH | Black Ice
  • Best Demoman: GBH | Mongo (shared with vsn.RynoCerus)
  • Most Improved Player: GBH | FraaN (shared with bud simmo)
  • Most Improved Team: GBH (shared with m8s and vsn)
  • Friendliest Team: GBH
Division 5:
  • Best Scout: smofo.xtra and LAW.Ruckus (shared with Storytime.Starbucks)
  • Best Medic: smofo.FlightOfGrey
  • Best Utility: smofo.xtra
  • Most Improved Team: LAW (shared with Awakening)
  • Friendliest Team: smofo

Grats to all winners

OWL10 - the NZF entries
TF2 Update Posted by Black Ice, 27th September 2013

Over on ozfortress the 10th OWL - the premier TF2 event in Australasia - has kicked off.

Congrats to the following NZF teams on being accepted into the competition:

Division 3
  • Grievous Bodily Harm

Division 4
  • raging Kamels

Division 5
  • Law Abiding Warriors
  • Oh Shit Son
  • Smofo
Also good luck to any NZ players playing in mostly Australian teams.
If they win it's definitely all because of you!
NZFL Provisional Team List
Misc News Posted by Black Ice, 11th June 2013
NZFL:2013 matches go up this Friday. And yes I know it still says 2012 on the forum, I can't do anything about that.

Please post if you want to be added to/removed from list of active NZ teams who will be playing in the first round:
  • GBH
  • |S|
  • oSs
  • rK
  • smofo
  • Lethium
  • Low Tier Bears
  • failCascade
NZFL - Suggestions
Misc News Posted by Black Ice, 1st May 2013
Hey all,

This is a suggestion thread for any improvement/changes you would like to see in NZFL.

Changes that are definitely happening for the next season are rule/whitelist updates to OZF standard.

We would like feedback on the potential removal of finals. This would move the series to a continuous league. To give a bit of history - the only reason finals were put in originally was to give us a easy way out if the league wasn't working well. We could just say "after this final it ends for good".

But the league has gone well so far - the finals are in fact one of the points of friction in the league rather than a standout feature. So are they still wanted?

Any other comments/suggestions?
Misc News Posted by Black Ice, 26th April 2013

Good evening gamers!

Now that the forum move is completed (with an amazing lack of disruption - thanks frio!) we can do the NZFL semi finals.

The two matches we have are:

nS vs. smofo

The old guard vs. one of the newest teams on the block.

smofo have done well, both in NZFL and in division 5 OWL. But how well will they do against the one and only Avril (he lifts) and his 5 anchors?

  • Tele on sniper. Sorry smofo, it's for the greater good.
  • Killer Avril crossbows.
  • vishus demo bombs.
  • Big Poppa does a cameo?

GBH vs. |S|

Some shitters vs. some scrubs. Please don't watch, will burn your eyes.

  • |S| to throw so they don't have to play nS yet again.
  • GBH to have 3 players with 120+ ping and a potential 400ms scout.
  • Dominoes vs. Black Ice medic battle. I require it.
  • Coldplatypus missing shots because he hasn't played in forever.
  • Clip will probably forget to turn up. Sorry bro.

If any masochists really want to see either of the above, please make sure to let Greaver know, many times.
GamersUN: NZ vs. Aus
TF2 Update Posted by Black Ice, 5th January 2013

Date: Sunday, 10th February 2013

Time: 7.30pm AEDST/9.30pm NZDST

Passing this on per request. As I understand it, the teams on both sides will be a mix of pubbers and comp. players. If you are keen - Sign up here.

All times are GMT +12. The time now is 11:00 AM.

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